What We Offer

Experienced and qualified
Experienced and qualified contractors who know what they are doing when it comes to remodeling.
Design teams
Design teams who come with ideas to help you with your next remodeling experienced.
encompassing service
An all encompassing service that covers everything from builders to electricians to plumbers.


I used UAC Contractors to remodel my bathroom, from the initial phone call to the signing off on the job it's been a wonderful experience. They are not only knowledgeable about products and services they come with ideas I would have never even thought of, it has made my bathroom so much better in terms of design and layout. This company is a must if you need any work done on your home.
Jenny Hunter
UAC Contractors added a guest home on my property, not only did they help with the planning and permits they helped me get the place I wanted for the price I wanted. They really know fantastic new materials to keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It was a real learning experience and they helped me every step of the way.
Steve Phillips

Kitchen Remodeling

We love helping clients out with kitchen remodeling and we have many ideas when it comes to budget and design. We specialize in catering to all budgets, so no matter what the price you have in mind for your next kitchen remodel we will try and accommodate it and offer advice on where you should spend money on project items and where you can cut back slightly. Kitchen renovations can start at around $2000 and go all the way to $50.000 plus, sometimes you can find costs vary because of the quality of materials you are going to use. If you want work tops that are granite or quartz or even corian you are going to pay way more per Square foot than say wooden tops or MDF cut tops. The same can be said about cabinets, some will be more expensive depending on the wood that’s used and the style. We will be able to help you with that and find the cabinets and style of cabinets you like at an affordable price.

A backsplash for any kitchen can be a big decision and can also see costs go up or down. You can have a nice tile backsplash fitted and tiles can run you from $1 to $50 so if you find some tiles you love it’s something to consider. You can also just leave wall space between your cabinets and counters and paint it and put a back splash where the cooker is.

Flooring will be next; we suggest tiles for the kitchen as it’s easy to mop up and its hard wearing. Wood can look nice but if it’s not a hard wood then anything dropped will dent the wood and seeing as the kitchen is a high movement area you don’t want to be wearing down the floors quicker than needed.

So that leaves us with lighting and plumbing, we will concentrate on getting that done for you to allocate your new dishwasher and plumb it in as well as sorting out the gas connections for the cooker and oven. We can also help with plumbing in the new fridge and making sure the sink is where it’s supposed to be and garbage disposal is connected up. We are a full on kitchen remodeling company so we take care of everything, all you have to do is pick out your dream kitchen and we will install it for you. And if you need any design help we are here to help you out with that also.

So please feel free to call our general kitchen contractors and we will get to work on designing and fitting your dream kitchen.